Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Images, courtesy of Ruth Mountaingrove Collection]

I'm planning a trip to California and southern Oregon to interview feminist publishers of the '60s and '70s. I'm hoping to meet Jean and Ruth Mountaingrove who published The Blatant Image. They lived in an intentional community in Southern Oregon, land that is still designated as WomensLand. Many of the communities that converged around the act of publication remained, and outlasted the actual periodicals, themselves.


SASHA said...

woah lucky you. i came across these photos sometime awhile ago and was a little obsessed with them, they sure knew how to dress (and non-dress):))

chirebecca said...

Hey you should check into my aunt Musawa- may not be right for this project but she has published her wemoon almanac- I believe for 30 years and started an intentional only women community in oregon. let me know if you're into it. xo Rebecca

inkysocks said...

they did. i love the pictures where they're just staring at one another's photographs.

and rebecca, i was thinking of musawa! i need to talk to you about this. coming to chicago for the chicago women's graphics collective, my parents, and you!