Monday, December 31, 2007

Here comes 2008.

Ten points if you can name this macrobiotic restaurant that lets its plants all hang out.

MZ took me to a Korean Spa to have all my skin sloughed off before the New Year. This igloo is a sauna. We sat in a shallow pool of bobbing lemons. The whole day was an incredibly decadent treat. Thank you, MZ!

There's a baby coming to fill that basket! Here are the moms.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm really happy right now to be writing about Jewish nudists, furniture/design, toll booth attendants, and the religious fringe in Michigan. It's a good life.

Make hay when the sun shines.

I know that some of you may remember when I temporarily lost my rabbit for a few hours and I pushed my fridge on its side, took the mattress off the bed frame, emptied all my closets, and ran sobbing into the street with a head of lettuce, asking strangers coming from the park, "Have you seen a small brown rabbit?" You remember that I shook the fence at the construction site and yelled my rabbit's name. You remember that I called two of you over here and collapsed on the floor. We heard a little tiny scratching noise. We climbed under the kitchen table and went to the wall. One of us looked up and saw a small head coming out of the backside of the kitchen drawer. The head had two long ears. We spent a half hour coaxing Augustus down, building a ramp. Well, I just want you to know that I looked under the kitchen table and the camera is not there. I am tempted to push over the fridge. I am hoping to hear a little scratching noise tonight. I had great pictures from Christmas day to show you.
Agent Inkysocks is bereft.
I went to post my new photos and my camera was no longer in my bag. I have looked everywhere. Merrill thinks someone lifted it from my bag at Veselka on Christmas. She might be trying to make me feel better. No pictures for today. I know it's an object and can theoretically be replaced, but I still woke up heavyhearted about it. There is only one more place to look--in my workspace.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No eye-poking!
Help. I need to dump SPRINT. I'm looking for a clever land/cell combination. Vonage? Verizon?

I am home with the stomach flu, but I still remember these tasting very good.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Robin and I went to see Kiki and Herb at Carnegie Hall. I count it among the top 10 performances I've seen in New York.
1. Yvonne Meier at the Swiss Institute (the first incarnation of "Mad Heidi"): wild dancing, flying walnuts, and nudity.
2. Lou Reed, BERLIN with Antony at St Anne's
3. Qawwali music night with Cornershop and others at BAM circa 1997, followed by Junior's
4. Joanna Newsom at the Bowery Ballroom
5. Pina Bausch at BAM
6. Patti Smith (everywhere: BAM, Warsaw...esp New Year's Eve 2001-02)
7. Performance of TRIO A by Yvonne Rainer at Judson Church
8. John Jasperse/Juliet Mapp duet with mirrors at DTW
9. Jennifer Munson's SENDER at the Kitchen
10. Kiki and Herb at Carnegie Hall
My heart was filled to bursting after these events. It's made me feel lucky.