Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A domestic fox--one I could take for walks in the snow. I dream of this. Once, a baby fox approached me in the woods. It was summertime in Saratoga Springs, and I knew my encounter was good luck, if not love. At dinner, someone official stood up and warned the artists, 'Beware of the rabid fox in the woods. It's crazy.'

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Running My Own School

Task List
Housing: secure space (winter/summer)
Housing questionnaires (winter/summer)
Housing matches/notifications (winter/summer)
Housing: invoice for payment (if fronted) (winter/summer)
Housing for visiting instructors (winter/summer)
Public events: concept (winter/summer)
Public events: look for space (winter/summer)
Public events: write copy (winter/summer)
Public events: production/details/guests, etc (winter/summer)
Public events: write copy/graphic design (winter/summer)
Public events: outreach (print and social media) (winter/summer)
Instructors: hire (winter/summer)
Instructors: bio/curriculum/tax info (winter/summer)
Instructors: travel arrangements and accommodations (winter/summer)
Instructors: hosting (winter/summer)
Accounting: tuition, deductions, honorariums, housing (winter/summer)
Curriculum: concept (winter/summer)
Curriculum: research (winter/summer)
Curriculum: lectures and sessions (winter/summer)
Curriculum: tech/resources/materials (winter/summer)
Curriculum: systems for tech tutorials/guides, etc (winter/summer)
Curriculum: systems for equipment checkout and interviewee matches (winter/summer)
Curriculum: field trips/special events (winter/summer)
Curriculum: planning meetings with instructors (winter/summer)
Space: secure space, fee, insurance/view alternate spaces (winter/summer)
Space: set-up (winter/summer)
Space: spaces for interviews to take place (winter/summer)
Space: prep 538 washington for events (winter/summer)
Interviewees: find 20 to 22 interviewees (winter/summer)
Workshop: outreach (winter/summer)
Workshop: applications/notification (winter/summer)
Workshop: registration/payment (winter/summer)
Workshop: emails of equipment, travel info, e-reader (winter/summer)
Workshop: collect bios from students (winter/summer)
Tote bags for 2015 (winter/summer)
Alums: blurbs
Alums: news
Forms: release forms, waivers, med emergency/contact (winter/summer)
Folders: schedule, guide, summary, file naming conventions, transcription, word list, bios, (winter/summer)
Archive (winter/summer)
Documentation (winter/summer)
Press (winter/summer)
Business: profit/not-for-profit
Business: budget (winter/summer)
Business: fiscal sponsor
Business: grant writing
Business: business plan, design and content
Business: dba, change LLC?
Web Design
Graphic Designer (winter/summer)
Equipment purchase and organization: (winter/summer)

Sound Magazine: song collection call
Sound Magazine: curation
Sound Magazine: permissions
Sound Magazine: mixing/mastering
Sound Magazine: research re digital format and liner notes/bios

Friday, August 15, 2014

Her followers fashioned a crib made of wood, gold, and baby blue satin. Toy shops were filled with “Joanna Southcott’s Cradles” draped in pink calico with silver lace trim, holding a tiny doll inside. The devout sent elaborate gifts,  including “laced caps” and “a mohair mantle.” Less affluent members sent a pin cushion, a comb, two roses. Thousands of converts joined the movement in what would become the sect’s final year.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

pitch bad medicine-in-brownstones article
process photographs
make baby food
head to farmers' market
finish packages for post office
buy plane tix for lake michigan

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our baby girl, born September 29, 7:03 PM. Tiny Libra. Love.