Thursday, February 19, 2009

A blue pen exploded in a purse that was my grandmother's. This will all be good to know once I start using my fake blood kit.

RE: Removing Red and Blue Ink
Post By Alexis (Guest Post) (10/03/2007)
Hi im a 13 year old and while in school i was stupid enough to put my ink pen down inside my white jacket pocket during 3rd period. by the time i got to 6th period I looked down and saw this huge red stain where the pen touched the fabric.i looked like i shot myself. My teacher told me to go wash under water but all that did was spread it. Now i have an even bigger mess on front and the inside of my coat and the pocket. It was soooo embarassing especially since im the main target of bullies in my school. i tried hairspray,alcohal,peroxide,bleach,stain remover,but nothing worked ive been scrubbing for hours but all it does is spread. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE IT SPREADS THROUGH MY SCHOOL AND I GET LAUGHED AT!
From Alexis

RE: Removing Red and Blue Ink
Post By Christina (Guest Post) (06/22/2006)
my little aunt has autism and she colors with pen and also permeanent mark , how can get off ? i tried using alcohol, but it takes a while. Please HELP!because its everywhere! By the way I'm 12!