Thursday, June 7, 2007

I wish I could grab it/her/them.

It's been a strange four months of rewriting the beginning of my book AGAIN and trying to sum up why this book should live in the world next to other books. I don't know if I got closer or farther away from my goal by the end of the process, but a little more than 100 pages are sitting with a copy editor right now in Florida (that's another story). My body feels like utter hell and I don't know which pains to attribute to which activites but I feel that I still have a computer-hangover. The most humbling part is that it would/will take a lot more than my most recent submersion/immersion to finish the job. Let's finish the job!
I don't feel any sense of euphoria yet. Maybe once I get the copy edited ms back, I'll know where I have been for the last many months.

Today felt like a day on Sesame Street, doing archetypal errands: laundry, groceries, post office, bank, drugstore, and a trip to Beacon's Closet to unload a huge bag of unwanted clothing. I walked out of BC 41 dollars richer. Now, I'm off to shake a leg at the park. I am fighting the urge to rip everything down from the walls of my apartment, scrape paint, empty closets. I feel like a snake that can't shed its skin.

Larry is off to Peru. Safe travels! Happy early Father's Day!

Friday, June 1, 2007

I just heard a child pornography hotline described this way: "for people who are alarmed by their own thoughts."