Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm excited. I will be reading with Mike Albo and Richard McCann on July 14 at the spankin' new Dixon Place. I consider these two men the A-team. It may be too early for you to put this on your calendar, but it is not too early for the three of us to start planning our costumes and road snacks. We'll be arriving fresh from Saratoga.

1998? My chiropractor yelled at me after he came to this performance. I jumped for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, dia's floor was not sprung, but cement, under the wood. The amazing John Hollenbeck is on percussion, stage left.

sunset last night, from the train
J. Morgan Puett and Mildred's Lane
Alvin Lucier: I Am Sitting in a Room, performed here with a wall by Sol Lewitt.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guess what he is doing...

cute puppies at bad puppy mill.

augustus came from a shelter in east new york, rescued from staten island. rabbits are the #1 impulse pet purchase, especially during easter. they're smart, kind, and vegetarian. they're killed at most shelters.

let's see what that bun is up to:

Monday, April 27, 2009

"we made you" ringtone
sunshine: things I feared when I was young(er): that clown under the bed in POLTERGEIST, the girls' field hockey team at Liggett, the girls' soccer team at Liggett, the Central Park jogger case, the area behind the sofa, the book THE MICHIGAN MURDERS, the made-for-tv-movie FATAL VISION, Squeaky Fromme's escape from prison, Molly Murphy's brother, Mrs. Drutchess, the woman who told me she was going to come over to my house and bite my ear off when I prank called her.

now: the clown under the bed in POLTERGEIST, Central Park, loss of limbs, being hit by a fire truck (again), being treated like I'm stupid when I get old, gay bashing.

That's not a smudge on the wall; it's a smudge on the camera. I can't get it off.

Friday, April 24, 2009

If you get here before I do, please pick this up!
update: I couldn't find the yard sale.

I love the discomfort of Kodachrome colliding with 20th century communards. It's not pretty, but it's beautiful. This is the chapter that no one has written. It's not the romantic phase of the 1920s, or the maudlin extinct species tale of today; it's the 'during.' Falling apart. I just spent 8 hours rereading all my notes and stabs. Stomach ache.

texts from last night

This is the entertainment center of the apartment. Does this look fun?

I love metal awnings.
I ordered a bed frame. I can't wait to be off the floor. As a kid, I was not allowed to keep anything under my bed after 5th grade, when I lost my violin under there--it was a full smurf village on the underside. We were also not allowed to say "shut up" or use scotch tape on the walls. My mother also ruled out the word "loser." I've tried to uphold all four rules.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joyce Soho (1997?), which was the dia Performance Space. This is from a duet with then-13-year-old Charlotte Blythe, who was also doing stand-up comedy. In fact, we went straight to one of her stand-up shows after the performance. She starred in one of Rebecca Miller's early films. Now, she's a top Alley Cat bike racer.

1998(?) Judson Church. I had two dancers in plaster casts. I set the casts myself. Post-performance, with dried casts, I realized I had no 'after' plan, to get them off. Everyone is okay and ambulatory today.

Just another day in 1999, under a large, felt snowflake. I miss the days of incomplete sentences.

f*ck. Conveniently wedged before a book deadline and final grading for the semester. I sued the city this year, which should make me undesirable. Last time I was called, I was juror number 1: Madame foreperson. I spent two weeks listening to a claim about a woman falling into a "fruit cellar," after stating I did not want to be involved in a murder trial.
I would love a title and cover like this. This is my first library book in my new home.

[I'm consulting/training for this project]
Community Health & Harm Narratives: Exploring the Public Health Concerns of Communities along the Newtown Creek

Public health risks from environmental pollution continue to burden low-income and communities of color unfairly. Environmental injustice is of particular concern along the banks of Newtown Creek, a highly polluted body of water separating Western Queens from Brooklyn. Communities adjacent to the Newtown Creek, such as Greenpoint in Brooklyn, Sunnyside and Maspeth in Queens, are home to a disproportionate number of environmental hazards. A 30 million gallon oil spill was discovered by the United States Coast Guard in 1978 and now contaminates over 55 acres of mixed residential and commercial property in Greenpoint. In addition, these communities house the Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant (treats approximately 75% of New York City waste), Keyspan’s natural gas plant (stores liquefied and compressed natural gas), 20 waste transfer stations, and countless other "Toxic Release Inventory’ and ‘Right to Know’ facilities. Although community residents continue to express concern regarding the public health risks of living amongst such a high concentration of environmental hazards, very little has been done to remedy their situation.

The purpose of this study, "Community Health & Harm Narratives: Exploring the Public Health Concerns of Communities along the Newtown Creek," is to document the public health concerns of individuals residing in communities along the Newtown Creek in New York City. Participant narratives hope to capture residents’ experience with illness and pollution in their neighborhood. This study will use a community-based participatory research (CBPR) framework, which engages communities in setting research agendas and allows individuals to express their own felt health and environmental concerns. The contextual or experiential knowledge of community members is an oft-overlooked asset in traditional epidemiological research. In addition, this project seeks to engage community members, build individual and community capacity, and increase self-efficacy through skill-building and empowerment.

The one-year project integrates CBPR principles and community organizing strategies into each phase of the study:

Community members who are interested in participating in the collection of the narratives will form a core of research assistants. Their role in the project will be to identify (through flyers, advertisements, and in-person recruitment) other community members who are interested in accounting their narrative for the project. In addition, these community research assistants will serve as peer-interviewers and receive training on how to use the interview protocol.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I often dream that I'm back here and can't remember how to shake a cocktail, or find the highball glasses. I stopped by yesterday and Dave was putting elderflower liquor in some glass--my nightmare was real/true. Best boss. Best people. Best music. I liked shoving my bills in my shirt and walking (one block) home at 3 am, waking up my girlfriend to throw the money on the bed and yell "We're rich!" Then I'd pick the bills back up, shove them in a coffee can, and stick the can in the freezer (I don't keep my money in the freezer anymore). Reverend Vince was in the back at 4 pm telling a lot of good Christians he doesn't believe in literal resurrection.