Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Did List
Played ping pong with Dan
ate deviled eggs
Drank barium milkshakes for esophagram
New School for student evals
Copy Shop to xerox student evals
Received an oral history assignment from the Brooklyn Art Council
Whole Foods for supplements
Saw this show
Reading this YA book
Home to put together my dossier for job

On the subway home, I overheard an interesting monologue from a man wearing a Christmas hat. He invoked Tootsie, hens, eggs, waterbeds, and recommended drinking rice milk, and getting a king-sized waterbed for you and your lady. He said all of New York City is unisex, so put on your wife's high heels. I tried to record it. Of all the interesting monologues I've heard delivered, this was among the top 3.


tooknap press said...

The Tootsie reference really seals the deal for me.

inkysocks said...

i was shocked. it was so specific. he was pro-Tootsie and pro-rice milk. and said not to bring sharp objects into your waterbed.

tooknap press said...