Friday, February 29, 2008

Arab Music Festival! Kay has been working for more than a year putting this together. I am excited.

More self-soothing. I am going to interview Jewish nudists in Florida in two weeks. Please let me know if you have any Jewish nudist friends down there. I will tell you a secret: I have a fantasy that I'll find a super-inexpensive (like, 63 cents), rust-free car. If you know any of those, let me know, as well.

Went to see St Vincent last night. I refused to take a picture of the lead singer, though. These pics are of Foreign Born. We really enjoyed them. The lead singer of St V was incredibly talented but I was so freaked out by the men hanging on the stage taking shot after shot of her--really really creepy guys--that I just could not join in.

Can you say 'My landlord is toast'?

Hi Baby Bruno! I can't wait to come over and cry with you. It's foolish for you to cry in Manhattan while I'm crying in Brooklyn. We can have a band.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I also love bedspreads. I am very cold all day, every day, and looking at warm bedding is a self-soothing activity. I wouldn't mind if you wrapped me in either of these.

I really like Camilla Engman's collection photographs, above.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gary a'Busey

Just watch the beginning. A journalist's nightmare. A teenager's nightmare [via Perez Hilton]

wood hat forms

A new comic book store!!! Maybe I can finally buy this.

Threading and Bread Pudding--and rhyme. Get the Sauce on the Side at Souen.
It's Twix-time.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Can anyone tape the second part of Pride and Prejudice, Sunday evening? I'll bake things for you.
Please...I must be medicated. Extra savory treats for anyone who tapes next Sunday's Jane Austen treat as well...

Does this count as a life plan?